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Pro-Social vs Selfish Behaviors

While visiting Durham Coaching I was recommended to Rise to have some morning biscuits. Standing outside waiting for the Uber I dug in like the ravenous person I was scarfing down a biscuit before the cab arrived and a lone sparrow flew up to me. He knew.

I knew what the little guy wanted to so I broke off a large portion of biscuit and dropped it on the ground. The bird broke off a small bird sized piece hopped a few hops and began to dine on his portion. Leaving the rest to share. Moments later a bird that had not been so brave swooped down, same kind (sparrow? I am not an ornithologist) took the entire share piece and flew away hiding it for his own person bird use.

Our friend, the original bird, now finished with his portion hopped back to find all the biscuit gone. He looked around sadly and dejected (I don’t know he is a bird personification is just the way we do things) and looked to be negatively reinforced for pro-social behaviors. Feeling bad I gave the bird some more biscuits.

Before my Uber arrived I spotted the other bird across the street in his hiding spot. He was fighting off a swarm of birds all vying for their tiny piece.

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