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Sometimes the View in Life is Worth It

I was trespassing yesterday. There is an old, un-marked trail that leads to an old tourist landmark called Mount Miro. Unfortunately, there are hidden signs on the dilapidated trail declaring the property as private and asking for no trespassing. Always adjacent to these signs are trash cans and recycle bins for tourists that are clearly serviced. This being a hidden gem, out of the way, with no one to ask for assistance I had to use my own mental judgement and take a risk.

You are going to find yourself often in life without a coach and without a guide needing to make decision. You will not have all of the information and you will not know the culture or even the consequences (I wonder how long I would have gotten in the foreign jail?) but you must act or resign to inaction.

How do we act without a coach or a guide? The same way we do with one: I suppose. We work through the information we have and carefully balance the pro’s and the con’s and then we through that all away and do what we had already decided we would do any way because emotion trumps reason!

For this reason, for myself personally, when I venture out and explore I choose adventures that are just a little bit more than I can handle. Something that is tough but not dangerous. This allows me, personally, to grow safely knowing that I will not always make the best decisions on the way up (or the way down, man there is a story I could tell about the way down from this hike). It is not human to say ignore our emotions instead we use our mind-brains and emotions together. And when we do … well the view:

Vista of Pacific from Miro Mountain
Vista of Pacific from Miro Mountain

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