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What are you priorities in Life?

What are you priorities in Life?

What are your priorities in Life? When we ask most people we get the same answers with slightly different order:

  1. Family
  2. God/Religion
  3. Community
  4. Self

These are great priorities. Putting Family first is paramount. Did you know Ulysses Grant, while commanding the Union Army during the American Civil War, often including his twelve-year-old son with him to battle? In fact, Fred (Grant’s Son) was even shot during the battle of Big Black River! This did not deter Grant from continuing to include his family in his work (Though, maybe it should have just a bit)

Considering we all have a self-described set of priorities we are going to ask you to perform an exercise. Create an excel Spreadsheet with Sunday through Saturday (United States weeks start on Sunday, feel free to use your countries week start and stop days instead) similar to the one below:

Try making this for your own personal schedule

These are your actual priorities. Your priorities are what you do not what you say you value. This typical week represents the average working parent in the United States (Ok, we are fibbing a bit few get so much sleep). The priorities for this average “Straw Person for this Argument” are:

Our time represents our priorities

Looks like work is the highest priority for us all with television and commuting nearly tied with Family coming in at a distance 4th. Our priorities are what we do! We encourage you to take a deep look into how you are spending your time and understand that your time is your priority and your values regardless of your words. “It is not who we are that defines us but what we do”-Batman.


This is equally valuable at work. Look at your work calendar in 15 minute increments for a representative week. These are your work priorities. Do you spend a lot of time on low-value work tasks or most of your time in high-value tasks like strategic planning or closing high-value deals? A great read on the subject is David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

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