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Biographies? A Coaching Tool?

Recently I have been reading biographies by Ron Chernow. Specifically, Washington, Hamilton, and Grant.

With each of these epic historical figures I found myself reading my own personality and traits and actions into each of these spectacular people.

  • Feeling inadequate
  • Having spats of impotent rage
  • Starting feuds over minor sleights
  • Feeling my worth was not recognized.

And good

  • Finding the value in true friendship
  • Hard work, Determination, and Luck Paying off
  • Seeing the value of time and perspective and having the Wisdom of an outside perspective looking in

In fact, while reading the Ron Chernow’s Hamilton I was reminded so much of a recent episode with a friend that I called up my friend and apologized and mended our fences having been able to recognize how petty our last exchange had been. It is in no small part thanks to Ron Chernow’s work that I now have fixed this floundering relationship of my own.

Biographies may not be your thing and they certainly were not mine. Reading them, however, has given me so much valuable insight. Insight into the founding of our country, insight into the workings of government, and insights into the very workings of my own personal relationships which have all very much now been improved upon.

If you have the time and willingness I highly recommend grabbing a historical Biography by Chernow. If anything else his books will greatly improve your vocabulary. I have to read them with a dictionary!

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